Canadian Foundation for the International Space University

What is CFISU?

The Canadian Foundation for the International Space University (CFISU) was established in 1987 as a federally- incorporated non-profit charity. The foundation was the first national liaison to affiliate itself with ISU. Since that time, many nations have adopted a liaison model similar to that of CFISU. CFISU's objective is to promote Canada's participation in the International Space University (ISU) and to develop a program of Canadian University space education.

CFISU raises private and public funds to sponsor Canadian students chosen to attend ISU. Since 1988 CFISU has raised scholarship funds to allow over 50 Canadian graduate students to attend the ISU summer program. In 1991, CFISU sponsored the first Canadian university student space conference, which was held in association with the 42nd Congress of the International Astronautics Federation.

CFISU is governed by a board of Directors representing both universities and industry. The President of CFISU is Professor Rod Tennyson, Director of the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies. Vice-President is Professor Nicolas N. Matte, Director-Emeritus of McGill University's Centre for Research in Air and Space Law. Honorary Chairman is Mr. Larry D. Clarke, former Chairman of Spar Aerospace Ltd.

CFISU co-hosted the successful 1990 summer session of ISU, which was held in Toronto and Montreal. CFISU was a supporter of Canada's effort to provide a permanent home for ISU.

How are Students Selected?

Working under ISU guidelines, and with the assistance of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, each fall CFISU solicits applicants from all disciplines from universities and colleges, industries and governments around the country. To qualify for ISU, students must be enrolled in or accepted to an accredited program of graduate-level study. Individuals with a graduate-level degree who work in industry are eligible to attend ISU provided they have not been in the work force longer than five years. Candidates must be able to converse in English and one other language.

The Foundation convenes a panel of academic advisors to select a list of scholarship semi-finalists. The panel meets in February and forwards its recommendations to ISU for final selection. CFISU announces the final list of scholarship winners in March. The CFISU scholarship finances all travel and accommodations for Canadian students. Each scholarship is valued at approximately $20,000 CAN.

Prior to each summer session, CFISU in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency arranges a briefing about Canada's space program for students departing to the ISU summer session. Following the session, CFISU organizes a symposium at which students present the results of their work to the Foundation's sponsors.

Canadian Alumni Association

The Canadian Alumni of the International Space University (CAISU) is a private, non-profit association whose members are Canadian alumni of ISU. CAISU is active in promoting the CFISU and ISU programs and in organizing programs of university space- education in Canada.

How Do I Apply?

Applications are available in mid-October by writing or telephoning:

Scholarships and Exchanges Unit
Programs Branch
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
600-350 Albert St.
Ottawa, ON K1R 1B1
tel: (613) 563-1236
fax: (613) 563-9745

Further Information

For further information about the Foundation and its work, please contact:

Professor Rod Tennyson, President (416) 667-7710

Mr. Ron Freedman, Coordinator (416) 481-7070

List of Supporters

Directors of CFISU (1999)

Mr. L. D. Clarke (Honorary Chairman)

Dr. Rod Tennyson (President)
University of Toronto

Prof. Nicolas Matte, O.C., Q.C., F.R.S.C. (Vice President)
Brouillette Charpentier Fournier

Dr. Chandra Kudsia
COM DEV International

Mr. Richard Boudreault
Technologies A�rospatiales

Dr. Bill Friend

Mr. James G. Norton
Barrister & Solicitor

Dr. Christian Sallaberger
Canadian Space Agency

Prof. Rodolfo J. Slobodrian
Laval University

Dr. Robert Thirsk
Canadian Space Agency

Mr. Christopher G. Trump (Secretary-Treasurer)
Tweed, Ontario

Dr. Bill White
Ryerson Polytechnical University

Mr. Fred A. Christie
Nepean ON

Dr. Ian Rowe

Mr. Ian M. Ross
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

Mr. Denis Bourque
Canadian Alumni of the International Space University

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